Find out what our Happy Kampers have to say in the below customer testimonials and Skamper Kampers camper trailer reviews.

Hello Guys, we purchased at the Rosehill show and then/pick up our Ranger XL camper trailer Around July 22nd, 2017. I was amazed with the Product ,but the professionalism and help of your Staff is 2nd to none.

We have Glamped 4 times so far and I would like to pass on to you guys that we have nothing but excellent feedback from many people on the Ranger XL.

Set up and pack up are easy and only involve about 2 or 3 swear words .Other people are telling us that our set up looks amazing and I think we have had about 10 walking up/tour groups come through. So on Behalf of Myself and Happy Michelle we are very happy to own and promote the Skamper Kamper brand – its changed our Life in a good way.

So on Behalf of Myself and Happy Michelle we are very happy to own and promote the Skamper Kampers brand – its changed our Life in a good way

We are very happy customers. Thank you thank you thank you.

5 stars




Bought my Dingo in October 2016 and being a very very fussy buyer eg had many experiences myself and 8 Bourke Police Variety Bashes where up to 120 cars go have seen and had camper trailer issues.

The forward fold camper trailer is built solid, very strong suspension, good canvas, and tows great with raised towbar to be level. The sale was smooth and plenty of bang for your buck, and JIMMY of SLACKS CREEK BRISBANE was helpful a gentleman and a true asset to Skamper Kampers.




Finally great to have picked up our Dingo. The staff have been awesome to deal with from start to finish and we highly recommend there camping trailers to anyone that wants trouble free camping!




The professionalism show by Jimmy at the Brisbane office was second to none. He promised us a to rate quality product & he is a man of his word.

Today we have been prepping our Ranger for its maiden trip, got underneath to drain water from tank , before refilling.
Could not help but admire the quality of workmanship, I have seen some seriously shmick welding over the years, but the quality of the finish under the trailer…….WOW.
Jimmy…..TYVM mate… really delivered.




Hi Matt, you might remember me, I live in Townsville and purchased a new Skamper Ranger from you in March. Well, we have just returned from our trip to Cape York and I have to say that the camper trailer did the whole trip without a hitch. We had one small problem where the spot weld separated on the support for the slide out draw in the kitchen and I have attached a cpl of pics to show you where.

We did all of the Bloomfield track, Telegraph track, the Frenchman’s track, the very rough road out to Vrylia Point and the track to Captain Billy’s Landing. Along the way we crossed rivers that came up to just under the bed on the top of the trailer, corrugations that had our teeth rattling and very sandy and rocky creek and river crossings.

The off road camper trailer handled all of the trip without a problem. It got a bit of dust inside a few times but then so did the car. On the deep river crossings, we got a bit of water in the trailer but we were expecting this and everything was either in deep storage tubs or up out of the way. The toolbox never once leaked dust or water.

We managed to put a small hole in the front of the water tank somehow but it was up near the top and we just put some duct tape over it and it is still there. Will repair it later when I install an electric pump. We will fit a rubber stone guard in front of the tank for future trips.

I did two small changes to the camper trailer before the trip. I removed the wind-down trailer legs thinking they may hamper me on rocks and crossings and I also moved the jockey wheel a bit further back to allow the wheel to lock in behind the trailer stone guard with the wheel pointing up and out of the way. You can see this in one of the attached pictures.

Overall I am very happy with my choice of camper trailer, it is very solid and robust. Thank you.


Fran and Rick Wood


Absolute ripper of a product with unparalleled customer service. I spent over a year shopping before actually putting the money down. I could not put any of the competitors even close to the level of quality displayed, particularly once you crawl underneath.

The Skamper team not only tolerated my endless questions and appearances at shows as well as their showroom but they answered my endless questions.

Post-sale service is fantastic, and they make a point of getting out there with the owner’s group too.

Highly recommended to anyone after a camper trailer.


Brendon Jones


Good customer service from first introduction right through to after sale and beyond.

We broke a latch on the battery box (after warranty expiry) and when I called the Sydney office they sent me out a new latch free of charge.

We bought our Ranger back in 2015 and have taken it all over NSW including out the back of Coffs and through the High Country. Rugged bit of gear!


James Brewster

Spoke with Mick initially, late on a Saturday afternoon, although we could see he was flat out he took us through the range and we instantly liked the Dingo.

We had to wait for a while to get sorted and then bought a Dingo at one of the shows (several months later).

We walked into the show and Mick said G’day Steve, that sealed it for me.

We put down a deposit and the rest is history.

Service is second to none, product quality is top of the line and nothing is too much trouble.

Steve Crossley

Excellent Campers, great models to check out very well priced. Friendly Customer service. I would recommend anyone interested in buying a Camper Trailer to check them out or go to the website for more information.

Ashley Manson

After purchasing a pre-loved (2013) Ranger from a private seller earlier this year I have needed to make contact with the boys at Emu Plains on a number of occasions for some minor things that I wanted to change or have repaired.

I can’t believe the spectacular customer service I have received. Well done fellas, I love your product and your commitment to after sales service!

Sally Jones

We were after a value for money, off-road camper trailer that was easy and quick to set up. We found it at Skamper Kampers and we just love our Dingo forward fold camper trailer.

We looked at many campers as well as lots of research on the internet. We visited the emu plains showroom several times during our search. From the first time we met Carlo and Dion to the time we ordered our camper there was never any feeling of having dealt with a pushy salesman. In fact, after visiting several competitors showrooms, we commented to each other on how laid back Skampers were to the others, it was almost like they were happy for their product to sell itself! We have now had four outings with our Dingo and can’t wait for our upcoming big holiday to the Gulf country. We had a minor issue on our second outing but after a phone call on a Monday morning to Mick, the replacement part was on our doorstep on Tuesday.

We are so happy with our Skamper Kamper Dingo and are confident that if we have any problems in the future we will be well looked after.


Shocked!! Yes, shocked by the excellent customer service and level of actual care. In today’s consumer landscape it’s hard to find an honest and reliable company to deal with.

Most are super keen to wow you with service until they have the funds in their account. Not Skamper Kampers… The Skamper team answered all our questions prior to the purchase (we purchased a Ranger without ever seeing one physically), arranged the delivery to Adelaide and offered good after sales service. Our Ranger arrived with minimal damage to the top cover due to friction caused by the wind during transit. Mick and the team sent a new one over at their cost, no questions asked. The distance between Adelaide and Sydney/Melbourne doesn’t bother me at all, I know these guys have my back should something go wrong. Solid product, reliable company and service, great bunch of guys to deal with.

Solid product, reliable company and service, great bunch of guys to deal with.

Neville Page

Best money ever spent can’t wait to use our camper trailer more and more and create amazing memories! So easy to put up and pack away great quality canvas heavy rain and no leaks love everything about it plus the service is second to none always helpful and willing to assist for any new or old purchases so happy! Thanks SKs

Lisa B

My wife and I , after many trips to various parks of NSW, decided to upgrade our tent and buy a camping trailer. We paid particular attention to the various makes and models we found in numerous big 4 parks.

We watched people set them up – pack them away – looked at modifications they’ve made to make their camping experience better etc etc. We had a budget in mind and we really didn’t want to go over $10,000.

So whilst still at the Big 4 park at Umina we opened the laptop to start the search for sub 10k units. After 30 odd minutes we weren’t ecstatic about what we found. A few of them looked ok on the surface, but by the time you went through their “options packs” the $$$$ really started to add up.

Just as we were about to abandon our search, a young family pulled up to the vacant site next to us and began to setup their trailer – the Skamper Kamper Ranger.

My wife and I were amazed at how quickly and easily this went up, in under an hour they had the main tent, kids room and annexe all assembled and looking for a cold one. I quickly jumped onto the Skamper website and couldn’t believe the value for money the ranger represented. Within a week my wife and I had ordered our Ranger with the 12ft tent and kids room.

When we first visited the showroom in Penrith Dion was so helpful and took the time to show us how the go up/pack away etc. plus all the other great features the Ranger has as standard, the huge toolbox up front, the gas assisted lift up bed-base, swing out kitchen with sink and tap. The list goes on! After ordering the unit I stayed in contact with Mick via email and he kept me in the loop at all times and my family was so grateful to Mick and Dion for getting the unit ready for us before the xmas break.

Even after we had taken delivery and we had a few questions about the best way to set the unit up, every phone call was answered and every email returned. The before and after sales experience is second to none. The Ranger really is, hands down, the best drive away unit under $10000. The people at Skamper know their product and their strength is in this great product. They don’t make 27 different trailers with 162 different options. They make this wonderful product with your choice of a big tent or a smaller tent.

Thank you Skamper Kampers  – you’ve made me and my family “very happy campers”


I am not in the habit of writing thank you notes but in this case – I feel it warranted. As the owner of a high-end, manufacturing/construction business based in Perth WA, I have to compliment you on the Skamper Trailer that was recently delivered to us. I got the 12 foot version with kids room and everything including quality, value for money, service and ease of use would have to be rated as top notch. Having never erected anything more than a 2-man-tent, we took a small trip north to a caravan park for our first outing. We arrived on the second day of a long weekend to full campground and much to the disappointment of our new neighbors (who’d heard we were newbies and had set up front row seats for the show) my wife and I, without a single argument, had everything unpacked, erected and fully set-up, looking for a cold beer in about 40 minutes – that included part of the annex wall and the kids tent. My wife left early and the pull-down was just as easy, with the help of my 11-year-old son.

It’s rare in this day and age that expectations are met, let alone exceeded. The cherry on top for me was your willingness to work with me regarding a small shipping problem. Details aside – to do so after you had my check in your bank account and did not need to help would lead me to recommend your company to anyone who asks. Indeed, you will soon be receiving some calls from my envious mates, here in Perth.

All the best – you guys will do well and thanks again.

Matt Lihou

Gidday Mick. We had our first trip last weekend and all went well, no leaks in canvas at all as we had to put it up in a storm with some pretty strong winds so you could imagine things were pretty full boar for a bit until the annex was up and the kids and wife were out of the weather. we had at one stage 9 kids in the camper and all went well, we are pleased we went with the 12ft version as it gives us plenty of room for all the gear that gets piled in.

All in all Mick, its a top camper which suits our needs and is very well priced for what you get. we have travelled Australia around and a fair amount of the interiera and have had various campers and my wife and i both conclude this will suit our needs. we are planning a trip to the red centre via cooper peddy next year and feel it should do the job, we will give a few more runs to get it all down pat.

Thanks for the great customer service that Scamper Camper have shown us from the show at Canberra, the build to the pickup, all went really smooth with very friendly service found all round.

Thanks again to you and your team.

Mark Everitt

We always felt Skamper was the way to go and Adam’s enthusiasm, knowledge and personal experience made it an easier decision. We are looking forward to the camper.


I find people these days are quick to make complaints about things and a lot slower to give praise when credit is due
This email is to thank you and your staff for the professional and courteous manner shown to myself and my father regarding the camper trailer
You addressed our concerns above and beyond what was asked or expected

My father is over the moon with the new tent so I thank you for that.

Nicole Antilla

Thanks for the comprehensive handover of the ranger on Saturday … I lost count of how many times we said “now what did Mick say about this?” on both the put up and the pack up. (Although it did take us a very very long time trying to get the zip together on the cover yesterday and a lot of frustration, until we realised that we had it on backwards ! Skamper Kamper goes at the back !! ? – which I am sure you told us !!)

Look forward to some advice on this and our next adventure will be long weekend in march, so we have some time to get it all set up and be ready to hit the great outdoors.

But, some great tips from you I am sure we will continue to use. We went to Kiama on Saturday night and didn’t have a great site, (slopey and small), so we didn’t get to set up the whole shebang … so we still have the annex to try. But what we did went up easily, and the caravanners either side commented on what a great looking set up it was ! So already we are advertising for you …. (as promised).

J Karen

I would like to thank all the people at skamper kampers for making the pick up of our new ranger xl such a easy transision. We were run through the set up process which was very easy to understand and everything was explained well I would highly recommend them.

Trevor Young

Well folks, the trip to the Corner Country and Flinders Ranges has been completed.

This was the first long trip with the Skamper Kamper Ranger. As most will appreciate the many kilometres of dirt certainly put the camper to the test.

I am pleased to report that apart from a failed locking device on one rear stabilizer leg and one 40 mm rubber plug going missing the camper came through unscathed, nil leaks and almost no dust ingress. Dropping the tyre pressures all round on the Patrol and the trailer certainly made for a better ride and contributed to nil tyre problems. The Strzelecki Track was pretty rough in places, some boggy patches and where dry plenty of dust.

I am very happy with the Skamper Kamper. The 9′ Kwik Tent worked well, the kitchen proved adequate and the modified bed was very comfortable. (We removed the original King size inner-spring mattress and fitted a high-density foam, queen-size model. Quite a lot of our trip was via privately owned station tracks, some creek crossings and very varied quality road surfaces.

I have no hesitation in endorsing the Skamper Kamper Ranger model as a value-for-money camper. I am impressed by the sturdiness of the camper, the modular construction and the general finish and user-friendliness of it. Thoroughly happy with the camper and the service from Aquabay Marine. By the way, Helen and I usually pull a large tandem axle caravan around and we will continue to do so. The Skamper Kamper was purchased so that we could do the sort of trip just completed and any doubts we may have had regarding using a camper have been dispelled. A great experience.

Helen and Tony

Right from the first contact with Matt and Mick at Aquabay Marine in relation to the purchase of a Ranger model Scamper Kamper I felt confident I was dealing with people who knew their product. We ordered on line and price and delivery time was as promised. Pick up was a good experience as Mick explained the unit and how the tent was erected. We were impressed with the quality of the build and the amount of detail in the canvas work.

Had seen on line comments about only bolted together but from my experience with welded box sections on the Telegraph Track etc galvanised bolts with nylock nuts combined with proper seals at all joins are less likely to crack.
The full length galvanised chassis and floor forms a good basis for what is a strong and well put together unit.
The camper tows great and the tentage showed no sign of leaking during a severe Snowy Mountain thunderstorm.
Overall good people to deal with, a well put together trailer and tent, for the price one of the best units on the market and we are sure we will get many years of enjoyment from it.

Garry and Pamela

My name is James Thompson I purchased a new 9 foot tent of you about three months ago and went on holidays to lake eyre and the great ocean road. Just letting you know that everything went very well no problems with tent, very easy to set up and very easy to pack up to move to next location.

Thanking you for your help.

James Thompson







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