The Skamper Kampers Dingo Ultimate camper appeals to a wide audience and excels at towing and functionality.

On picking up the camper from one of Skamper Kampers’ showrooms at Slacks Creek, QLD, the first thing that struck me was the physical size of the Dingo Ultimate. At 5.6m from tow hitch to tail-lights, there is no disputing that this a big unit. It’s also no lightweight, weighing in at 1680kg dry, up to a max of 2200kg. To handle the weight, the camper sits atop a one piece 100mm x 50mm x 4mm galvanised chassis, which is kept under control by fully independent suspension with twin shocks and coil springs.


DINGO ULTIMATE: A forward fold camper trailer that leads the way, the Dingo Ultimate by Skamper Kampers can take you offroad without a worry.

Innovation is the name of Skamper Kampers’ game when it comes to the Dingo Ultimate Forward Fold Camper Trailer, and the judges were blown away with the improvements made to the Dingo, in light of comments made during judging in 2016. Self-sufficient, ready for rugged environments and equipped with plenty of creature comforts to make your next trip a pleasure, this is a forward fold camper trailer that packs a punch in features and function.


Emma’s mission was simple: take our newest giveaway trailer, the Skamper Kampers Dingo Hardfloor, and put it through its paces in the most remote corner of Australia.

I’ve got a secret and I don’t want you to tell anybody. I’m in love with the Kimberley. There, I said it. Since the first time we met three long years ago, she has haunted my dreams and distracted me in my waking hours. Well, this year I was going to take matters into my own hands; I was going to get out there and win her back. Serendipitously, I was also asked to take Camper mag’s giveaway camper trailer, the Dingo Hardfloor from Skamper Kampers, somewhere epic to review it and create a bunch of awesome travel content. I knew just the place, but was this entry-level camper up for the task?


With the Skamper Kamper Ranger XL, can you have it all?

The term ‘do-it-all’ gets thrown around far too liberally these days. Got a bed and also got a seat? Congratulations, you’re a ‘do-it-all’ camper. Able to go offroad, but also have a microwave? You betcha, ‘do-it-all’ again. And don’t even get me started on those ‘do-it-all’ caravans. The term has been watered down so much recently, it’s almost lost all value. Yet despite all that, and my clearly irrational hatred for the word, it’s the first thing that springs to mind after spending the better part of a week lugging the Skamper Kamper Ranger XL up and down the Great Dividing Range.


We get a sneak peek at the all new Skamper Kampers Dingo Ultimate.

In case you haven’t being paying attention, we’re big fans of camper trailers around these parts. You might even say we’re camper trailer enthusiasts. We like camping in them, travelling with them, and busting a few knuckles modifying them. So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that when Skamper Kampers opened its doors to us to take a new prototype out for a spin, we were more than a little excited. After all, how often do you get handed the keys to the only camper of its type in existence and asked not to put “too many scratches” on it?





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